Our Box Fit class is the ultimate outdoor boxing experience. It is an energetic workout that captures the strengths of boot camp, cross training, and sport specific exercises combined with the fun style of cardio boxing. Box Fit will guarantee to push your body to its limits with noticeably quick, amazing results. Our instructors will motivate you through a 50 minute workout that will burn around 700-800 calories.

Classes will generally incorporate a warm up boxing circuit, containing many of the exercises that boxers do (e.g. hooks ("side" punches), jabs (straight forward punches) and upper-cuts (punches going upwards) and other various exercises that all of us can do, including anything from punching to skipping, to press ups to crunches, to lunges and of course partner boxing. Basically we will be sculpting and toning every part of your body.

This specialized training is developed for all fitness levels which will allow you to work at your own peak performance. Box Fit is action packed with non-stop moves, so there's never a dull moment. It's great for all fitness levels as you go at your own pace, improving as the weeks go by. It's certainly a challenge for but undoubetdly a really fun way to exercise.

You can expect to learn the basic techniques of punches, kicks and the use of your elbows and knees are just a few of the exciting things you will experience. Box Fit is designed to help you reach your full fitness potential in a safe, energetic, and positive atmosphere. Group sessions are a fantastic way to stay motivated and you will not be left disappointed!

While ensuring the maximum amount of safety and exercise benefits to all of those who participate. Advantages of Boxercise include:

  • It covers all aspects of activity, both aerobic and anaerobic.
  • It develops skills including hand eye coordination, balance, timing and technique.
  • It works all major muscle groups.
  • It enhances range of movement
  • It is suitable for both sexes, all ages and varying abilities.
  • It's a great stress buster.
  • It's FUN!
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A Typical Class

The Beginning (Warm Up)

The starting point will be a general cardiovascular warm-up lasting 8-10 minutes. This raises the body's core temperature enough to enhance the elasticity of muscles, tendons, ligaments and overall joint structures and prepare for the workout ahead.This portion of the warm-up is accomplished in various ways, including skipping (jump rope) or performing different basic boxing footwork patterns. Another purpose of this initial warm-up is to prepare the mind for the workout ahead.

Most of the Time

A Box Fit classes will be taught in different ways. Using circuit type training as an efficient and challenging 'boot camp' form of conditioning. Which works well for developing strength, endurance (both aerobic and anaerobic), flexibility, coordination and is great fun. Typically consisting of about 4-6 different exercise stations undertaken in sequence. Each one is completed in roughly 120 seconds with 30-45 seconds rest in between.

Finish (Cool Down)

The main aim of the cool down is to promote recovery and return the body to a pre-exercise, or pre-workout state. This takes approximately five minutes of easy steady exercise followed by about five minutes of static and developmental stretching.




If you think boxing is just a sport for the rough and tough, you're wrong. Boxing classes are now one of the most popular fitness regimes out there and if it's a lean, toned, strong body you're after then this could the class for you. With regular attendance you will soon start to see some amazing results.

So what's it all about? 
Scrap any ideas you have about beating a punching bag by yourself "Rocky" style, box-fit is very much a social sport. Classes are usually made up of around 15 to 20 people and concentrate on pad work and sparring. This means you face opposite someone and throw combination punches at them which they block with their padded gloves. Then you swap and block theirs.

What can I expect at a class? 
A typical class will start with a 10-minute warm-up, followed by about half an hour of boxing and finishing with a 10-minute warm-down. Classes will teach you how to punch properly — it's about technique not strength.

There are three main moves to employ: hooks ("side" punches), jabs (straight forward punches) and up-cuts (punches going upwards). Your instructor will tell you which combinations you'll be doing, and may also get you to change partners part-way through the work-out.

Don't think that box-fit is an easy ride, though: it's seriously hard work. Boxing is a high intensity, full body workout that will keep you moving the whole time. When you're not throwing a punch, you're ducking and weaving — or doing squats and abdominal work.

What benefits will I see? 
Weight loss, increased agility and coordination, muscle tone and greater fitness all result from boxing. Many people think that boxing is all about the arms but it is actually a cardio work-out for the whole body. It's especially good for toning your bottom and quadricep muscles, which is perfect for women who want to lose weight around their bottom and thighs as part of an overall reduction programme.

There's no need to worry about bulking up, Hilary Swank-style, either. Boxing is very much a high repetition work-out so you'll see tone rather than muscle. It's also very empowering and people really get pumped up and stuck into it during the moves. While it's not a self-defence lesson, by the end of the first class, you should be able to throw a solid punch.

Is there anything to be cautious of? 
Weak wrists are probably the only thing that might present a problem however once you learn how to box properly, you shouldn't be putting any unnecessary strain on your wrists. The aim of your punches is also important. Align your punches correctly and your knuckles should feel no pain. You can also wrap them with tape for extra support. Everyone will be wearing full padded high-qaulity boxing gloves and pads.

Learn to punch straight, too, for the sake of your partner — the last thing they need is a broken nose! It may feel easy to punch straight when it's one jab at a time, but after 100 consecutive punches and 20 sit-ups, true aim can prove to be more of a challenge! A couple of sessions should see you get the hang of it.

Will I get hurt? 
There is absolutely no body-to-body contact allowed in box-fit, so any risk is minimal. If you're new to the sport, make sure that the instructor takes some time out to explain the moves. We will always take proper pre-cautions and train in safe environments. As with anything you do there is a certain level of risk which must be accepted and realised before you begin. No one will be allowed to attend a box-fit class without having signed the appropriate paperwork, which will be given to you during your registration.

I've never boxed in my life. Will I be able to do it? 
Box-fit is partly about technique but once you pick up the moves you should be fine. If you're not particularly fit then that's not a huge problem. Boxing is actually easier for a lot of people than running, especially for those with excess weight. I’ve never come across anyone who can't box. It's easy to modify the exercise to suit you so everyone of all ages and fitness levels can participate.

It's not just a sport for the guys either; I've often found that many women actually pick up the combinations faster than men and have more flexibility through their mid-section. The rotation of the back is where all the strength comes from for a punch, not the arms.

What will I need to bring? 
We will attempt to provide everyone with a pair of gloves and but would also appreciate anyone who wants to bring their own. Usually a pair of gloves and a pair of mitts are all that are required between two people, so don't feel that you have to double up on gloves.

You might want to buy your own boxing gloves inners, particularly if using gloves which are provided for you — boxing is a sweaty sport and gloves don't always smell that great. Other than that, bring a small towel, a bottle of water and a partner if you like— and make sure you've taken off all jewellery. Wear what you feel comfortable in and remember that you're going to get hot.

How long until I see results? 
If you do two classes a week for a month you will definitely notice a difference in weight and tone. As long as you follow a healthy eating plan and try and include one further cardio class in your schedule a week then you'll see quite dramatic results.

In summary 
If it's rapid toning, weight loss and significant overall fitness gains you're after then box-fit is something you should definitely try. You'll get a thorough full body workout & a new-found level of confidence.

Exercise; a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental wellness... No matter who you are, no matter what you do, you absolutely, positively do have the power to transfrom....

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How to attend a Boot Camp / Group Fitness class

Before attending any class you must register yourself with us by completing the Online Registration Form.

Registration Procedure: 

  1. Complete the online form entirely, making sure to carefully answer all questions and sign the waiver.
  2. If you have any questions before registering, Please send us an email to: info@waterfrontfitness.com
  3. Once you submit your registration form you will be taken to the payment options page where you can purchase your package online right away using our secure payment methods or pay on the day using cash only. (Online payment is preferred option and will help gaurentee your spot in the class)
  4. Print and save receipt, this is your proof of purchase. We will also have a list of all registered members
  5. Now you can attend ANY boot camp / class at the location of your choice.
    Refer to Locations & Schedules for a Calendar of class times.

 How to Participate:

  1. If you're already registered, present your 'Purchase Receipt' at the "check-in/meeting" location
  2. Show up 10mins early on your first day and introduce yourself.
  3. Late arrivals may not enter after the 10min warm-up has been completed, unless there is prior arrangements.
  4. Participation is not permitted without completing the required Pre-Activity Readiness Questionaire.
  5. Participation is not permitted if no payment has been received for the desired class.


No refunds will be given for purchased packages. We believe that once you have decided to make the committment in order to get fit and healthy it is upto us to hold you to that committment. We would hate to see any individual make a regretful decision to leave us so we've simply eliminated this option for you.

Where ever a pre-class sign up is required Participants are able to withdraw with atleast 48hrs notice of the scheduled start date and will not forfeit any sessions. However if you have pre-signed up to attend a given class and do not show and/or have not given the required 48hrs prior notice you will be subject to forfeit that session. This is due to the fact that some classes may be size limited and if you are unable to attend then we would like to have the opportunity to be able to fill your position in the class with somebody else. No credit will be given to persons who withdraw from pre-sign up classes on day of or after the scheduled start date.

Group Exercise FREE TRIAL Class Policy:

Individuals may attend ONE(1) group exercise class for FREE. Free Trial passes may be obtained by first registering just the same way as everybody else (procedure explained above), but instead of purchasing a package at the Payment page, simply email us instead and let us know which class you would like to attend. Clients that obtain a FREE TRIAL pass and decide to upgrade to any of our Standard Pricing Boot Camp or Group Exercise package options in the same week as their trial will receive a FREE pair of Boxing Gloves as a special welcome gift.