About Us

Waterfront Fitness is dedicated to transforming the lives of our clients and creating new attitudes towards balancing lifestyle and fitness. We believe that being fit and healthy shouldn't be a chore; exercise should be part of our lifestyle and therefore it should be fun and enjoyable and something you look forward to. Our aim is to provide enjoyable yet challenging sessions and to motivate and encourage you to achieve your fitness goals. By taking the ideals behind personal training into the group fitness setting, we are able to provide you with a desirable exercising environment in which you can meet new friends and benefit from incredible Health and Fitness results. Our overall goal is the improved health and fitness of all our participants, but we also go beyond that and have committed ourselves to building a stronger & healthier wider community.

Our boot camps and group fitness sessions will be mostly held at picturesque waterfront park locations at various meeting places along the famous Willamette river in Portland, OR.

Classes Overview

Our classes incorporate various different training techniques, including; strength and cardiovascular training; seasoned with core and balance techniques to create an effective and progressive program. Although we cater for beginners through to the elite your sessions will be expertly designed in order to make everyone feel comfortable and wanting to come back for more.

As you bask in the beauty of the outdoors you and your team will partake in body weight exercises; cardio intervals and various expertly designed drills that will raise your heart rate and even make you break a sweat!! Sessions also often incorporate a variety of Box-Fit routines and high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T) circuits.

Using the energy of the outdoors, the motivation of the group and encouragement from our instructors, we will challenge your boundaries, stretch your imagination and bump your training level up a notch, regardless of your current fitness level. 

Classes are not limited by conventional boundaries and the variety of class styles helps to maintain team camaraderie, enthusiasm and motivation. No matter the type of class delivered, be assured that no one will be left behind! 

If your goal is to tone up, lose body fat, lose weight, increase strength, increase endurance or to get out of your comfort zone, we want you to come and experience one of Waterfront Fitness' unique boot camp or group fitness classes that will transform your mind and your body. 

Exercise; a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental wellness... No matter who you are, no matter what you do, you absolutely, positively do have the power to transfrom....

Our Services

  • Group Fitness
  • Boot Camps
  • Personal Training
  • Corporate Fitness Programs
  • Seniors Fitness & Wellness